Congratulations – you are now President of the European Union!

(Let's pretend for a second that a Presidential role exists and it’s you!)

As the President, you can decide what the most important issues are for Europe.  What would you change to make things better? How would you do that?

In reality, decision-making in the EU is a complex process and does not lie in the hands of just one institution or person. Generally, the European Commission proposes laws which then need to be adopted by the European Parliament and the Council. Each of the EU’s institutions has its own President but they don’t have absolute power, and they can’t interfere in EU countries’ authority.

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We have to stop nitpicking and focus on the bigger picture, thinking about clear policy outlines. I would also give staff in the European Parliament a normal salary, without expenses, and stop moving the Parliament between Brussels and Strasbourg.
As a Scot, all I want at this point is just to remain a part of the EU!
It’s time to dissolve the European Union. In my opinion it is politically and economically corrupt and socially destructive.
I would stop wasting funds on moving the EU government between Brussels and Strasbourg and reduce the use of luxury modes of transport such as private jets!
If I were the president of the EU, I would... - Give everyone starting from the age of 18 a basic income of 2000 euro, which could be used for health care, education, etc. - Lower the taxes for eco-friendly products and raise the taxes of everything that isn't good for the environment and start up a commision to examine all kind of products. - Make 'recycling bins' mandatory at public places. - Give permission for new buildings only if their production process, materials and functions were 100% green. - Invest in sustainable energy resources and phase out nuclear power. - Offer many workshops: for managers and employees (on environmentally friendly business, satisfied employees, technological evolution,...), for schools and young people (on how to adapt to a changing world, Erasmus+-programmes,...) and for governements and cities (on providing shelter for refugees, urban agriculture, immigration issues,...). - Set up a generalized European organization which would take care of refugees by fixing a residence in a country and offering them an integration course (including learning a language, getting to know European culture and rights and support to get a job). - Support exchange and voluntary programmes. - Support promising and revolutionairy projects on scientifical, cultural, economic and social level. - Lower the voting age to 16 - Set up an independent commision to control all big companies with the authorization to punish them if they'd break the European rules. - Make Europe safe for all minorities (LGBT-people, immigrants, disabled people, religious people & atheïsts, etc.). - Plant more trees and protect more woods. - Promote environmentally friendly lifestyles (vegan/vegetarian, tiny housing, etc.) And so much more...
European Citizenship is under savage and sustained attack by the Far Right in many EU Countries - this attack being supported partly by Mr Putin, but also by other agents. The most successful attack so far is in the UK, where a far-Right government has dishonestly and undemocratically obtained a vote to leave the EU, partly as a result of the subversion of British democracy, and partly as a result of telling huge lies to the British Public. It is crucially important to expose and reverse this in the UK , so that the enemies of democracy across the EU and elsewhere are taught the lesson that the theft of democracy simply will not work in the EU. As President of the EU my first task will be to ensure that our European Citizenship is protected and ring-fenced from those that wish to destroy democracy. Please could you also ensure that the current President receives a copy of this message.
We are in an English Class. One of the students would open the borders to allow inmigrant to enter the European Union. If I were the European Union, I would foster state buildings in order to avoid having to buy expensive flat and, therefore, the cost of the rents would decrease. Some student would erradicate the army and he would use the army make peace and not war. The teacher agrees because She is a hippie. I would invest on efficient and clean energies. He would create more accesible areas for people who are disabled. I would invest on healthy food and healthy life style. Some student would decrease the salaries of the politicians and he would send them to rave parties. If I were the president, I would promote interrail as well. We would also promote Less taxes for parents with two children, free kindergarden and free education as other students claim.
I'd change the EU to United States of Europe, a federal system (English has to be the second offical language, so that everyone can communicate with each other). Also I'd support the "Interrail-Idea" for the european youth. Furthermore I'd like to change the families' situation. Less taxes for parents with two children, free kindergarden and free education. Money shouldn't stop couples from having children. Also I'd give every town in Europe a twin city, so that the schools (and also towns in general) have at least one partner for exchanges. Living intercultural friendships und experiencing the european idea. It would help to create an european identity, I experienced it by myself. And very important: Explain decisions to the people, so that they will stop hating and understand why it is needed. Make sure that EVERY country is euqal (I'm german, and I know that Merkel misbehaves and is reponsible for the bad mood in EU, at this point: sorry for that. Not everyone is with her!) Also every European country should have the Euro. And, the most important thing: Listen. Especially to the young people. They, WE, are the future, we should have a bigger influence (also a way to make youth interested in politics. Give them a voice and influence!)